Getting a Mortgage

Getting a Mortgage

First Time Buyer Mortgages

Being new to the mortgage market the process may seem daunting but rest assured as a First Time Buyer you are the most sought after client the banks are currently looking for.

As an independent broker / advisor we can advise you without prejudice on each of the different banks mortgage offerings for first time buyers.

For example:

  • Which banks offer 90% loans? – the max loan amount a bank will give.
  • What mortgage rates apply? – the difference between Fixed, Variable, Tracker and Discount mortgage rates.

After assessing your individual situation and advising you accordingly we will then professionally package your application so that it meets fully with the expectations of the proposed bank.


Moving House/ Trading Up.

There are a number of different criteria’s that can be applied to this section of mortgagees. For example:

  • Do you want to keep your current home and rent it out?
  • Are you just looking to sell and move?
  • Do you have a negative equity property that you wish to sell and carry the mortgage over to a new property?